Innovative Event Management - IEM

Rental and Sales of components or systems for theatre events, screenings, corporate meetings, & special events. Complete Project management and procurement for the listed items and more.

Innovative Design Services - IDS

Design and Engineering. Wire schemes, speaker placement, lens charts, projector aiming, screen and screen frame take offs. Product and system developement.

Innovative Procurement Services - IPS

Sourcing standard items or custom parts

Strive to find the best price and best solution for any application. Sales of Projectos, Sound and Network Equipment for most manufacturers.

Innovative System Integration - ISI

Rack Harness Assemblie (RHA)

Integration of projector pedestals, sound racks, server racks.

Assembling numerous sub-components into full systems. Kits / support documents.

Inventory Management Services - IMS

Management of customer inventory, QC of incoming items

On site surveys, inventory and value estimating. Removal and shipping equipment to our warehouse or customers. Storage, QC and refurbishment of theatre projection of incoming items. 

Strategic redeployment, All-in-one inventory solutions, Complete Project Management of above. STRATEGIC REDEPOLYMENT: All in-one inventory solutions for relocation and reinstalltion of equipment.

Innovative Support and Service - ISS

Phone and Remote Support

Detailed, custom training documents

We are Solution Focused

Innovative Field Services - IFS

Remote Monitoring and Service for projection & sound equipment

Remote Show Programming and Key Management

Alignment and tuning of Projection and Sound Equipment

Provide Technical Operator for theatre Screenings

Installation & training for Cinema Projection & Sound Equipment

Maintenance and Repairs for Cinema Projection & Sound Equipment

Innovative Construction and FF&E Management-ICM

Construction Remodel Project Management

Project Management for all types of Cinema  projects.

Specializing in Cinema Projection, Sound, and Network projects.

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