Innovative Event Management - IEM

Rental and Sales of components or systems for theatre evening, screenings, corporate meetings, & special events

Innovative Design Services - IDS

Design and Engineering. Wire schemes, speaker placement, lens charts, projector aiming, screen and screen frame take offs. Product and system developement.

Innovative Procurement Services - IPS

Sourcing standard items or custom parts

Strive to find the best price and best solution for any application

Innovative System Integration - ISI

Rack Harness Assemblie (RHA)

Integration of pedestals, sound racks, server racks.

Assembling numerous sub-components into full systems. Kits / support documents.

Inventory Management Services - IMS

Management of customer inventory, QC of incoming items

Strategic redeployment

All-in-one inventory solutions

Innovative Support and Service - ISS


Detailed, custom training documents

Solution Focused

Innovative Field Services - IFS

Alignment and Sound


Innovative Construction Management - ICM

Construction Management

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